Sponsorship (New)

WOHO BIKE supports a number of carefully selected athletes who are pushing the limits of ultralight cycling and contributing to a strong bikepacking community. If you are interested in using WOHO's products for your upcoming cycling adventure, we would love to hear from you.


Also, we are looking for key opinion consumers for who have the ability to write, film or capture the images of what they do. If you are the riders from every corner of the world who possess a deep passion for cycling. You can ride MTB, Road, Gravel or Cyclocross. Pls contact us and don’t forget to answer the following questions first !


  • Please provide your profile : Name/ Country / City /email 
  • Please paste your Facebook profile URL & IG & youtube link, also the blog link (if you have)
  • Tell us where you have been bikepacking. share about your adventure  (pictures or video if you have)
  • In 100 words or less, tell us what you have in plans for the next 12 months (races, epic rides, challenges and volunteer events)
  • If we are going to launch a profit sharing model, generate a unique code for you to share on your post in social media. Are you interested in joining us?

Please send sponsorship inquiries to info@wohobike.com. 

Review time usually takes at least 1 month. Please count the time into your plan.