WOHO repair service:





Help expending product’s lifespan is our responsibility to the environment. WOHO provides repair service for abrasion or damage caused by long distance/time rides. There will be additional charge for repair due to man work and material usages.


Please remind: Repair usually takes 2-4weeks after received the returned goods. (Shipping time was not included)

Before considering returning a product for repair please read the product faults guide below for useful advice.


1. Fabric punctures/damages

You may found some punctures or abrasions on your bag after times of hard riding. Please email pictures of damaged area to for inquiry. We’ll reply estimated repair charge according to damaged size and position.







2. Accessories

We can offer bag accessories e.g.buckles/touch fastener/plastic plates for aftermarket supplement. Keep using your WOHO bag by ordering missing or damaged accessories instead of replace the whole bag.



Before return a product for repair-


Please launder your bag and be sure it is completely dry before you pack it up. We cannot repair bags covered by dirt and mud.

We cannot accept customs charges incurred when returning items. IMPORTANT: All packages must be marked “Goods returned under warranty”.

Once your item is received it will normally be processed within one week and an email confirmation will be sent out. If you haven’t heard from us by then, please email with full shipment details.

Please Note: We may turn down repairs if deemed irreparable (e.g. staining, abrasions, cut off by paramedics or too much damage) but an alternative solution will be offered where possible.