XTOURING Frame Bag XPac Snow " L ONLY "
XTOURING Frame Bag XPac Snow " L ONLY "
XTOURING Frame Bag XPac Snow " L ONLY "
XTOURING Frame Bag XPac Snow " L ONLY "
XTOURING Frame Bag XPac Snow " L ONLY "

XTOURING Frame Bag XPac Snow " L ONLY "

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Ultralight Frame Bag

The Xtouring frame bags are not just for bikepackers. It equally suits commuters use and you will likely say “Bye-bye” to backpacks.

Xtouring frame bags – which come in three sizes to suit different frames – are constructed from the same high quality, waterproof materials used in all our gears. Rubberized strapping provides extra grip to the frame and paracord zip pulls offers easy access when riding even with gloves.

Xtouring bags were made from XPac fabric by Dimension Polyant USA. Which contains 4 layers-
> Woven nylon face - high strength and lightweight nylon.
> X-Ply yarn - provides additional strength against tears.
> PET waterproof laminate - 0.5mil waterproof and rip-stop film.
> Inner polyester face - prevent stain and scratch from inside.
Also equipped with Duraflex buckles to stand extreme weather, from chilling cold to burning hot. Reflective materials were used on the top and both sides to ensure safety when riding.

Size & Capacity:
Choose your bag size according to top tube length: L : >50cm, 4.7liter

Weight / L:199g / 0.44 lb

Size (L x W x H)  / L: 49 x 18 x 7 cm / 19" x 7" x 2.7”

Body fabric is waterproof, however there's possible of leaking since the seams were not sealed. Therefore extra dry bags were recommended while using in extreme weather.

1.Packs should be washed by hand to preserve the integrity of the laminated body fabric. Use a mild diluted soap if needed and air dry the pack.
2.Do not machine wash or dry.
3.Do not iron.


車架包可為您裝載補給品,水袋等需要頻繁使用的物品,並貼心設計了水袋孔。袋內兩側空間為一大一小,分別落於左右兩側,讓您再分裝與拿取裝備時更加迅速,兩側收納也採用了防水拉鍊,讓您不受氣候影響。扣具與拉鍊頭選用了知名扣具品牌 - 多耐福 Duraflex,重量輕且相當耐用,在零下的極限溫度一樣可正常運作。固定車架系統使用了大面積射出勾的魔鬼氈,讓包款更穩固的裝置於車架上。WOHO 設計師在織帶上的選擇亦不馬乎,高密度與耐拉扯的尼龍織帶才能讓本產品在使用上更加得心應手,讓您駕馭鐵馬騎得更久,更遠。

 L : >50cm, 4.7 公升

重量: L : 165 公克


XPac 布料具有防水機能,但由於製作過程中縫線會穿過布料,如遇持續性大雨,建議電子類儀器等物品仍需要使用防水內袋裝載,才能完整保護您的電子產品。