ISUKA Air 130X Sleeping Bag

ISUKA Air 130X Sleeping Bag

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The gross weight is the lightest most compact in the air model at only 300 g.
It is most suitable for rally strikes such as trail runner or ブルベ where a demand to lightweighting is severe, urgent business and trip use.
I use white goose down of 800 Phil power of the highest quality 130 g and omit zipper - for lightweighting and finish it by single sewing becoming compact.
As a summer low mountain and urgent business, it is effective as inner - Schlafsack of the winter season.
To an outer shell, I have super water-repellent performance with a few drops of the performance for a long term and I tear it up and strength, wear resistance are heat-resistant and use superior durable "nylon 66" and are setting to have you use it habitually much more comfortably.
Be superior to the durability at light weight, and the storage bag of the silicon material of two phases of structure that it is easy to receive is attached.

A reference example: A summer low mountain, inner - Schlafsack of the winter season for the emergency, a trail runner, ブルベ, trip use.

A cloth / list: The nylon 100% back: 100% of nylon

weight /300g

Quantity of feather /130g (90/10 800 フィルパワ-) 

maximum length /70 (the width of the shoulders) *180 (full length) cm

Storing size /φ10 *18cm

Temperature Rating / 8℃ 



表布:100% 尼龍
收納袋:CORDURA ®高強度尼龍布料
填充量:130 g (羽絨90/羽毛10)
羽絨蓬鬆係數:800 FP
展開尺寸:70 x 180 cm
收納尺寸:10(直徑) x 18 cm
重量:300 g