Flying Fender M / 2 Colors
Flying Fender M / 2 Colors

Flying Fender M / 2 Colors

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Flying Fender is a stylish, foldable, fender that mimics the looks of a Gundam Wing model. The installation process is very similar to putting together a model Gundam. Installing and removing the Flying Fender are both done instantaneously and with ease. If you want something more stylish than the normal, bulky fenders, you should definitely consider the Flying Fender. Not only does it look cool, its super convenient and can bend and flex to be stowed away in your bag for a rainy day. There is a vast array of wonderful colors to choose from to mix and match with your bicycle. When it rains, don’t be afraid. Just use the Flying Fender to block rain and dirt from ruining your clothes and bicycle.

WOHO Revolutionary Design “Flying Fender” can be curled up and easily stored into a saddle bag or pocket and Easy to install and remove by a special non-slip Velcro strap. It also can be tied to the frame without any hassle. During a rainy day just strap it onto the bike frame and go. On a sunny day, roll it up and put it away. Mainly meant for emergencies when stranded in the rain.

It is designed with simple lines, shapes and rich colors. Colors can be mix and matched and purchased separately to keep your bike styling. WOHO “Flying Fender” is patented product with Plat packing; bring out your DIY spirit.


70 x 7.5cm / 27.5" x 2.9"
Fit for down tube external diameter up to 16cm
Site tube up to Φ32mm
Tires up to 700 x 25c or same width tire

(per piece)

Attachment: Special anti-slip hook/loop strap. 
Weight: 45g with one strap / 50g with two

With the environment in mind, the “Flying Fender” is made with non-toxic material that can decompose naturally and being test proof can be folded thousand times.


**顛覆性設計 拆裝便利**
WOHO ”Flying Fender"

**保護愛車 前後通用**

**強韌材質 超級輕量**
寬版重量50g,滿足追求輕量的碳纖維消費者。環保無毒可回收PP材料,可摺疊數千次 。

**安全升級 美觀實用**

**樂活DIY 全車系通用**

**Flying Fender 摺疊擋泥板安裝操作說明**