WOHO CAMPOUT - Mt. Jyun-Da 郡大林道

Back to Mt. Jyun-Da Forest Trail History Jyun-Da mountain belong Taiwan indigenous people that called Is-bukun in early Taiwan. The mountain also providing lots of logs from the forest farm inside since the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. Distance & elevation You able to start riding from entrance of trail. The climb on the trail will never stop, and of course the elevation step from 680 - 3200 between shortly 32km, so you can imagine how steep trail it is. Although it’s a tough riding, spectacular landscape always make you keep strive pedaling. The falling rocks You will find out there are numbers rocks fall from the mountain. So helmet is necessary! Keep ears up and eyes on with the sign on the trail side wall.



  • Hi Andrew

    Glad you like it!
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    WOHO Team

    WOHO Team
  • Amazing photo essay. Incredible-looking route. I want to bikepack Taiwan!

    Andrew Hlavacek
  • Amazing photos and incredible-looking route! I want to bikepack Taiwan!

    Andrew Hlavacek

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