Xtouring Frame Bag / Almighty Cup Bundle

Xtouring 車架包/水壺袋套裝組
車架包與水壺袋是 WOHO 最實用,通用性最高的包款。
Xtouring Frame Bag / Almighty Cup Bundle
Our super recommend bundle of semi tri-angle system pack. Easy to fits most type bicycle, good works and feather out-shaping and function.
Xtouring 水壺袋
Xtouring Almighty Cup
Contents are held in place by a simple bungee cord closure, which can be operated by one hand.

The Xtouring almighty cups are a must-have to any ultralight bikepacking system and are also great for every day riding and commuting. Designed to add easy-access storage space for frequently used items like water bottle, tools, arm warmers, snacks and so on.

Constructed from high quality, waterproof materials and optimized for durability and weight. Bungee cord opening can be operated by one hand, also keeps content out of the sun and spilling out.
Transparent bottom: better visibility to contained goods and water draining.
2 side mesh pocket easy access to snacks and accessories.
Strong webbing round the bag, fit tight between the bag and handlebar.

1 Liter
直徑相較於市場上其他品牌,WOHO 將它做得更寬,用意在於在裝載水壺後,您仍然可以放進額外的補給品/工具/相機,增加容量以利隨時補給使用。
Xtouring 車架包 - 三種尺寸
Xtouring Frame Bag 3 sizes
The Xtouring frame bags are not just for bikepackers. It also suits commuters use and you will likely say “Bye-bye” to backpacks.
Xtouring frame bags – which come in three sizes to suit different frames – are constructed from the same high quality, waterproof materials used in all our gears. Rubberized strapping provides extra grip to the frame and paracord zip pulls offers easy access when riding even with gloves.
S : <45cm, 2.75liter
M : 45-50cm, 4liter
L : >50cm, 4.7liter
WOHO 多次修正外型,讓包款符合大部分的車架三角,減少多餘的空隙,讓包款飽滿有型。半版車架包可以裝載較重的裝備,編編個人喜歡裝入帳篷營柱/打氣筒/帳篷等等。
Purchase in bundle (Frame Bag + 2x Almighty Cup) with good deal!
WOHO 為了這組實用的搭配推出優惠套裝,讓您以更優惠的價格入手。

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