XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle
XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle
XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle
XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle
XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle
XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle
XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle

XTOURING Frame Bag Iron Grey + PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle

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"The Woho X-Touring Frame Bag is a lightweight and secure way to carry your kit and essentials on the bike. The fabric is tough, it keeps the rain out well, and the shape of the bag works seamlessly with many frame sizes." - road.cc


Our Xtouring half frame bag has perfect fits hydration system and we would like to make all riders combine this function easier.

Happily we launch Frame bag bundle within Platypus® Hydration system now! You able to purchase two product in one site and save the shipping cost! 

Choosing your frame bag size and capacity of hydration ( We recommend Small size Frame bag prefer to fits 1L hydration only)

Xtouring 車架包完美貼合不同角度與尺寸的車架,輕量化設計以及大尺寸開合方便的拉鍊,已經受到國際間許多騎士們的愛用。而水袋這項功能可能被許多騎士輕忽,其實水袋在水分補給上多了很多優點,除了不用彎下腰取水壺,在負重上坡飲水也更加輕鬆,而如果您是使用 M/L 號車架包,更可以裝進兩公升的水量,比平常裝兩個 750cc 的大水壺還要多了 500cc 水量,經過將近一年的試用搭配,我們為騎士們挑選了 Platypus HOSER™ 吸管水袋作為車架包的搭配組合,並推出套裝優惠價!


XTOURING bikepacking gears

WOHO selects the best material for the product and environment. We spend a lot of time on sourcing and using them to continuously improve our products. Xtouring gears were made by durable materials tested in the real world, and using components that optimized for bikepacking including-

> Body Fabrics - Double TPU coated eco-friendly fabric with C6 DWR finish.
> Rip-stop yarn - Provides additional strength against wear and tear.
> Our fabric can withhold 15000 mm H2O pressure. With environmental friendly water/dirt repellent coating, mud or water won’t accumulate on the bag.
> Duraflex/Nifco buckles & aluminum hooks - They were made for withstand harsh use and severe weathers.
> Hi-vis reflective printing - Enhances safety while riding in the dark.

Xtouring frame bag

The Xtouring frame bags are not just for bikepackers. It also suits commuters use and you will likely say “Bye-bye” to backpacks.

Xtouring frame bags – which come in three sizes to suit different frames – are constructed from the same high quality, waterproof materials used in all our gears. Rubberized strapping provides extra grip to the frame and paracord zip pulls offers easy access when riding even with gloves.

S : <45cm, 2.75liter
M : 45-50cm, 4liter
L : >50cm, 4.7liter


S:161g / 5.7oz
M:186g / 6.6oz
L:199g / 7oz

Size (L x W x H)
We suggest you choose a size up if your frame size falls between 2 sizes
S: 42.5 x 14 x 6.5 cm / 16.7" x 5.5" x 2.6”
M: 46.5 x 15 x 6.5 cm / 18.3" x 6" x 2.6”
L: 51 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm / 20" x 6.5" x 2.6”


PLATYPUS Hydration Reservoir Bundle

XTOURING Frame Bag  S + 1L PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle

XTOURING Frame Bag M + 1.8L PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle

XTOURING Frame Bag L + 2L PLATYPUS HOSER™ Hydration Bundle


車架包 S /M / L 三種尺寸



袋內兩側空間為一大一小,分別落於左右兩側,讓您再分裝與拿取裝備時更加迅速,兩側收納採用大尺寸拉鍊就算包包裝的很滿也不擔心拉鍊故障,拉鏈頭使用國際大廠多奈弗 - Duraflex的扣具,讓您戴著手套也能輕鬆開啟!內襯採用WOHO專屬的亮桃紅色,讓你取物時看得清楚袋內的物品!





S : <45cm, 2.75 公升

M : 45-50cm, 4 公升

L : >50cm, 4.7 公升


S : 161 公克

M : 186 公克

L : 199 公克



WOHO 建議的車架包+水袋套裝組合(依照尺寸調整)





Platypus HOSER™ RESERVOIR Hydration

The original Platypus® water reservoir that became a backcountry classic, the Hoser™ is an ultralight, minimalist hydration system that delivers taste-free hydration with a versatile, durable design that makes it great for backpacking/bikepacking, thru-hiking, and day hikes. Updates include a new self-sealing HyFLO™ bite valve that delivers a 30% increase in flow rate, making it quicker and easier to hydrate on the go.

Drink on the go: New simple, one-piece, self-sealing HyFLO bite valve makes it quicker and easier than ever to hydrate hands-free with a 30% increased flow rate.

Easily transportable: Integrated hang/carry loop makes it easy to secure the reservoir in a backpack or elsewhere.

Pure Platy experience: All materials are certified taste-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free.

Funk-free: Embedded silver-ion protects reservoir from mold and bacteria.

Versatile: Threaded port and 1/4" diameter drink tube make it easily compatible with accessory caps and adaptors.


Platypus Hoser Reservoir 吸管水袋

100% BPA-free(不含雙酚A),置入熱水飲用時對人體亦不會產生毒害
材質經抗菌處理Silver-ion antimicrobial,有效抑制細菌、霉菌孳生


重量 : 90 g
材質 : Polyurethane / Polyethylene/Silicone
容量 : 1 L
尺寸 : 13.5 x 29 cm
產地 : 美國