ISUKA Air 810EX Feather Sleeping Bag

ISUKA Air 810EX Feather Sleeping Bag

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Is the best-selling model of the chilly red Mt. Spa and mountain climbing climbing General passengers in many mountain.

Narrow InFocus designed filling, insulation efficiency mainly down to the feet with the breast side down trapezoid box structure isn't too wide in its own '3D structures based on the most excellent thermal efficiency with high quality 800 fill power white goose down 810 g, limited effective use for the height of the chest side box sets high from the back side and is sensitive to the cold, comfortable fit and lean without thermal insulation.

Draft-tube low temperatures when placed inside the muffler work "shoulder warmer" and fasteners prevents heat loss and cold air intrusion. Outer shell with ultra water repellency, excellent tear strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, durable nylon 66 over a long period of time, use for a setting.

Lightweight and very durable, easy-to-store comes with a 2-stage bag with structural silicone.

reference examples
 Hokkaido Winter North Alps traverse climbing Mountain, Mt. 8, red Mt. Spa, winter in the taisetsu mountains, cold like those available in the mid-range mountain winter seem.

product no. / 1513
fabric / 100% polyester table, -Lining 100% polyester
minimum using temperature /-25 ° C
the average weight / 1320 g
Feather / 810 g (90/10 800 firepower)
maximum length / 84 (shoulder width) x (total length) 208 cm
storage size / diameter 21 x 37 cm


ISUKA 源自日本職人精神的高品質登山用品
創立於1972年,以專業睡袋製造代工起家,其後設立 ISUKA 自有品牌,

Air 810EX
短版 :適合身高172公分以下使用

表布:100% Nylon (Nylon66)
填充量:810 g (羽絨90/羽毛10)
羽絨蓬鬆係數:800 FP
舒適溫度:-25 ℃
展開尺寸:84 x 198 cm