Dan-Da Trail

Dan-Da Trail was formerly known as "Sun Hailin Trail", and it was built in 1957 by the logging trader Sun Hai. In 1989, Taipower opened up the colorful lake at 2,952 meters above sea level for the purpose of high-voltage power transmission project. With the development of this route in the early days, a large number of virgin forests were cut down unprecedentedly, and later the only route to the outside was cut off due to wind disasters. In the early days, Sun Hai Bridge was a wooden bridge.

In 1969, it was converted into a cement bridge by the Nan-tou County Government. There was a lot of trouble due to environmental conservation. After being destroyed and under construction or not under construction, many disputes and history about this land are buried.

All photos by NANA

Dan-Da Trail
Distance : 106km
Elevation gain  : 3721m

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