WOHO Xtouring Full Frame Bag DRY Waterproof Test

WOHO Xtouring Full Frame Bag DRY Waterproof Test

WOHO Xtouring Series
Proving waterproof bikepacking bag for all riders and explorer.

Full frame bag DRY

The Xtouring frame bag DRY is a pure gear loader. For bikepackers who doesn’t satisfied with the volume of standard frame bag, here’s your salvation. The bag fits into the bike’s main triangle, the best position for bulky and heavy gears.

The welded seams and roll-top design makes this bag fully waterproof, and there’s no stitches or zippers to fail. Constructed from high quality, waterproof materials and optimized for durability and weight. Nifco buckles & aluminum hooks were designed to withstand harsh usage and weather. The bag came in two sizes to suit different frames.

Xtouring frame bag DRY can handle the heavier items needed for overnight bikepacking trips without noticeably effecting the performance of your ride. Aside from the main compartment, the bag also provides a large side pocket and a stealth inner pocket for items need quick access.

- 2 universal fit sizes
- Constructed by RF welding ensures complete waterproof.
- Stitch reinforced for better functionality & durability.
- Big side pocket provides easy quick storage.
- Adjustable fixing straps for various settings.

Frame Bag M
Frame Bag L


如果你曾感到一般車架包不敷使用,XTouring 防水三角車架包就是你的最佳選擇!充分利用車架最接近重心區域的前三角空間,適合攜帶重量重又有一定體積的行李。XTouring 防水三角車架包可以裝載較重的單車旅行必需品,也不會對單車的動態產生顯著的影響。 除了主要空間外,左側另外提供了一個大型口袋及小暗袋,便於攜帶需要快速取用的物品。

以高品質的防水材料製成,同時採用了Nifco扣具及抗候金屬9字勾,兼顧輕量與耐用性。 卷口設計搭配高周波結構,提供了全防水機能,同時也讓你免於擔心爆裂的縫線或拉鍊。 不必安裝任何支架或螺絲,並提供兩種尺寸以配合各種車型。

- 2種適用於大多數公路/碎石車架的尺寸
- 全防水高週波貼合工法製造
- 搭配部分強化車縫 提供額外功能性及提升耐用度
- 大型的口袋 便於攜帶需要快速取用的物品
- 可調整固定織帶安裝位置


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