ISUKA Air 450X Feather Sleeping Bag Short

ISUKA Air 450X Feather Sleeping Bag Short

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ISUKA Air 450X Sleeping Bag Short


 "ISUKA" specialized in a sleeping bag for the mountain climbing

The down Schlafsack Air series that kept three beats that is light, and is small, and is warm 450X is the model that the applied range is the widest to be equivalent to the winter low mountain in autumn from spring.

I use white goose down of 800 Phil power of the highest quality. I set the height of the box on the chest side rather higher than the back side to utilize limited down effectively and fill down on a step part and the chest side that are sensitive to cold a little too much and am the design that thought about thermal insulation efficiency. Furthermore, the original "3D structure" that is not too wide without being too small sends a comfortable feeling of fitting and the heat retention that there is not of waste.

At the time when the temperature is low, "the draft tube" which I located inside of the work "shoulder warmer" of the scarf and a fastener prevents loss of the heat radiation and the invasion of the chill.
To an outer shell, I have super water-repellent performance with a few drops of the performance for a long term and I tear it up and strength, wear resistance are heat-resistant and use superior durable "nylon 66" and are setting to have you use it habitually much more comfortably.

Be superior to the durability at light weight, and the storage bag of the silicon material of two phases of structure that it is easy to receive is attached.

A reference example: Karesawa and Yatsugatake, Iitoyo autumn from the use in the Northern Alps of the remaining snow period.
It is the model who is representative for use in summer Hokkaido, heavy snow mountain range.

The minimum use temperature: -6 degrees Celsius
Cloth: 100% of table / nylon, back / nylon 100%  ( Nylon66 )
Average weight: 800 g
Quantity of feather: 430 g (90/10 800FP)
Maximum length: 78 (the width of the shoulders) *198 (full length) cm
Storing size: φ 16*32cm


【ISUKA】Air 450X 睡袋 短版


四季通用的輕量化睡袋,日本專業登山客愛用款短版設計讓熱能更集中,不會因睡袋空間過大而流失 (適合身高172公分以下使用)

  • 表布使用Nylon66,輕薄耐用
  • 撥水性極佳,能防止露水滲透
  • 收納體積輕巧,重量僅800g
  • 合身
  • 木乃伊3D立體版型,包覆性良好
  • 長時間的優異保溫性能!
  • 經IDFL(國際羽絨羽毛檢測實驗室)測試認證
  • 頭部及腳部增加填充量,保持身體溫暖
  • 開口有束繩,縮小可減少熱量散失
  • 適合四季登山、露營或旅行使用

商品資訊 | Product Information

  • 尺寸 : 78 x 198 cm
  • 收納 : 直徑16 x 32 cm
  • 重量 : 800 g
  • 顏色 : 皇家藍
  • 表布 : 100% Nylon ( Nylon66 )
  • 羽毛 : 430 g (90/10)
  • 羽絨蓬鬆係數:800 FP 
  • 耐溫 : -6 ℃