Dry Bag Multi Match System

Dry bag multi space system against long distance adventure riding. We offering 7L  / 15L capacity options for explorer.

7L DRY BAG + Gorilla Cage



15L DRY BAG + Gorilla Cage





Set up front load by Dry bag + Gorilla cage fits with fork to replacing original front pannier, not only weight losing but also fits most bike's even your bike hasn't cage mount on the fork. Through Gorilla Clip System, you able to attach cage on the fork without mount.






An additional valve allows you to quickly and easily compress your soft gear for a more compact fit



Extra lightweight shoulder strap for DRY bag when you finish riding and require to carry luggage.

DRY Bag also match the Handlebar Harness, as an new vision handlebar bag, 100% waterproof and pack up easily.
Need carry more? Simple! You can attach ACC Bag DRY with quick buckle system.


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