Ioana Muraru - Canada

Ioana is a 25 year-old Canadian graphic designer and cyclist. She started riding about four years ago.

Riding in Taiwan for the last couple of years, exploring unridden roads, going off the beaten path and racing through the island’s breathtaking mountains has allowed her to ignite a true passion for cycling at a higher level.

One battle that inspires her especially is the female presence in the cycling world. She plans on being part of the movement and promoting the accessibility of cycling and racing to all genders by organizing rides and events, and by endorsing different brands and providing visibility therefore helping create a gender-accessible public image.


5th place Taiwan KOM Challenge 2021   (29/10/2021) 

2nd place Dirty Formosa Challenge (21/03/2021) 

3rd  place YangMing Mt. KOM Challenge   (06/03/2021) 

3rd place overall 第三屆-FTL 車隊邀請賽 (05/07/2020) 

3rd place overall 2020 Rotary YangMing Mt.  

KOM Challenge (13/06/2020) 

4th place overall (1st place age-group) Tainan Stage Race (Day 2) 24/05/2020 

2nd place overall Tainan Stage Race (Day 1)  (23/05/2020) 

1st place County Road 136 Race (08/03/2020)




XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M Iron Grey

XTOURING Dry Bag 7L / 15L Iron Grey

XTOURING Frame Bag + Almighty Cup Bundle Iron Grey



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