"PRE ORDER"  XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M / Anti Sway Bundle "PRE ORDER"
"PRE ORDER"  XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M / Anti Sway Bundle "PRE ORDER"
"PRE ORDER"  XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M / Anti Sway Bundle "PRE ORDER"

"PRE ORDER" XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M / Anti Sway Bundle "PRE ORDER"

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$3,230.00 TWD
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$2,580.00 TWD
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Will Available On End Of June.


XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M (not including Anti Sway) - $86

XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M + Anti Sway Bundle - $96

Official Price 

XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M (not including Anti Sway) - $96

XTOURING Saddle Bag DRY M + Anti Sway Bundle -$109


XTOURING bikepacking series

WOHO selects the best material for both product and environment. Then we spend a lot of time developing them into well-built products. Xtouring gears were made by durable parts which have tested in the real world, yet these gears keeps feather lightweight with our thoughtful design.

> Body Fabrics - Double TPU coated eco-friendly fabric with C6 DWR finish.
> TPU Straps - No-slip and stay reliable under extreme weathers.
> Rip-stop yarn - Provides additional strength against wear and tear.
> Waterproofness - Our waterproof fabric can withhold 15000 mm H2O pressure. With environmental friendly water/dirt repellent coating, mud or water won’t accumulate on the bag.
> Taped seams - Extra durability tri-layered seam tape.
> Duraflex/Nifco buckles - They were made for withstand harsh use and severe weathers.
> Hi-vis reflective printing - Enhances safety while riding in the dark.

Saddle Bag DRY M


Inspire from ultralight mountain gear and minimalist. The new Saddle Bag Dry comes with simple and high compatible fits most bike. Adjustable strap space allows you set up with any size frame and length of seat-post. 


Constructed from high quality, waterproof materials and optimized for durability and weight. The saddle rail locking straps, 3 point attachment system and roll top closure all work together to keep twist and sway to a minimum so you can focus on the trail ahead. You can squash the bag down to 8 liters in size or you can max it out to around 12 liters.



8-12 Liter 


260g / 0.6 lb

Size (L x W x H)
47 x 20 x 20 cm / 18.5" x 7.9” x 7.9”





單購座墊包(無穩定架)- 2,580 TWD

座墊包 +穩定架套裝 - 2,880 TWD


單購座墊包(無穩定架)- 2,880 TWD

座墊包 +穩定架套裝 - 3,280 TWD



全新防水座墊包, 靈感來自超輕量登山包款與簡化設計,藉由去除多餘設計,用最少限度的結構達到更優化的效果。可調式坐管織帶固定點,提供您自由的安裝選擇,適用廣泛的的車架尺寸或座管長度,也讓包身更為乾淨完整。






包款兩側與上方皆配有高反光3M™ Scotchlite™ 塗層,提高夜間騎乘的安全性。


包款同時在座管與座弓提供強而有力的固定點,固定系統使用射出勾魔鬼氈以及 TPU coating 織帶,除了質感上的提升,更讓包款更穩固的裝置於車架上,並在坐弓兩側的固定織帶與撞色設計的強韌縫線,增加織帶的耐拉與牢固性。

TPU三層編織防水貼條:為了解決一般貼條耐用度不夠,強度不夠的問題!所以我們不惜重本特選最耐用的,最強悍的TPU三層編織防水貼條於龍頭包與座墊包。承重扣具亦選用國際大廠多奈弗 - Duraflex的扣具,來確保使用性跟耐用性!


容量:8-12 公升 (可自行調整)



Anti sway
As an experienced bikepacker, you may found an disadvantage of rackless saddle bag is annoying swag while riding, and it may affect rider’s balance. WOHO team has now come up with a solution- a cage connects to saddle rails that hold saddle bag rigid; what’s more, you could have two more bottle cage on it!

Weight : 77g



座墊包在Bikepacking 裝備中扮演相當重要的角色,主要因素為容量上佔有絕對的優勢,也因此在打包上會有相當大部分的裝備裝載其中,所有騎士在裝備座墊包騎行過程中一定都會發現一個困擾的狀況,便是尾包會隨著踩踏產生晃動,在抽車:大角度偏移或是不平的路面上尤其明顯。

WOHO 貼心的為了此狀況設計了解決措施,雖然僅是小小的配件,但我們一樣投入相當的心血設計與生產,讓消費者在細節上一樣看到我們的用心。穩定架由單一模具成型的鋁製穩定架,不僅可以確保座墊包不會隨著騎行左右晃動,更增加了左右各一組的水壺架擴充鎖孔,滿足騎士大量補給的需求。外觀上使用百搭的黑色烤漆,並印有白色字樣提升整體質感。


尺寸:15 * 12 * 10 cm
重量:77 公克


Note :

1. The bundle set have not including bottle cage and bottle.

2. You able to select between regular / Brooks B vision with 1 saddle bag. Normally saddle bag bundle send out with regular one, please note when you purchase if you need Brooks B vision. 



購買套裝可選擇 一般款穩定架 / Brooks B 系列專用款穩定架。