XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey
XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey
XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey
XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey
XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey
XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey
XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey

XTOURING Top Tube Bag Iron Grey

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"Woho has got things pretty much spot on with its X-Touring Top Tube Bag. It's narrow enough to not get in the way of your legs too much, and it's held securely by the two straps. " - road.cc


XTOURING bikepacking gears

WOHO selects the best material for the product and environment. We spend a lot of time on sourcing and using them to continuously improve our products. Xtouring gears were made by durable materials tested in the real world, and using components that optimized for bikepacking including-

> Body Fabrics - Double TPU coated eco-friendly fabric

> Rip-stop yarn - Provides additional strength against wear and tear.

They all comes with roll top closure to keep your belongings dry. Also the air valve lets you squeeze the bag's size down easily.

> Lightweight nylon base - Special compound durable yet lightweight base material.

> Duraflex/Nifco buckles & aluminum hooks were designed to withstand harsh use and weather.

> Hi-vis reflective printing ensures safety while riding in dark.

Top-tube bag

The Xtouring top-tube bag is a must-have for any ultralight bikepacking system and is also great for every day riding and commuting.

Constructed from high quality, waterproof materials and optimized for durability and weight. the rubberized strapping provides firm attachment to the frame while paracord zip pulls offers easy access, even riding even with gloves.

The Xtouring top-tube bag is designed to fit on either ends of your top tube and enables easy access to snacks, camera, phone, or anything else you may need while in the saddle. It has minimal interference with your movements or the bike’s steering: we leave ours attached permanently to the bike, so you’ve always got those little essentials with you.

0.85 Liter


65g / 0.14 lb.

Size (L x W x H)
20 x 6.5 x 9 cm / 8" x 2.6" x 3.5"



特殊多奈弗 - Duraflex人體工學拉鍊頭,戴手套也能輕鬆拉鍊
側邊3M™ Scotchlite™ 高反光塗層




上管包同時在龍頭與上管提供強而有力的固定點,固定系統使用射出勾魔鬼氈以及TPU coating 織帶,除了質感上的提升,更讓包款更穩固的裝置於車架上。

容量: 0.85 公升
重量: 61 公克