Introducing 2021 All New Saddle Bag DRY



It's been a while since last update of WOHO's most popular item of Xtouring series - Saddle Bag. Inspire by ultralight outdoor gears and minimalist design, our 2021 new saddle bag is ready to release!


We'll show you what's changed in this update below.



Daisy chain style attachment-
 Easy to fit most bikes and different frame sizes. Choose the best attachment point to seat-post/saddle rail according to your ride.
Lightweight hardware with Gatekeeper by Duraflex-
We updated the main TPU strap hooks that fasten with saddle rails. New hardware comes with Gatekeeper structure to ensure everything in place even in the worst condition.
Large gliders-
Enlarged gliders designed to work with the TPU strap, nice and smooth.
Cord stabilizing system-
We've adapted our original reflective belt into more sophisticated parts. Hi-vis reflective material has been printed on the fabric. Along with the new reflective bungee cord stabilizing system, together they made the bag much simple and lightweight.
Optimized tip shape-
New tip shape fits seat-post nicely and gained some more space for your gears.
 No more D rings-
We've cancelled the D ring between bungee cord and the strap connected the bag. Tests shown we can achive the same durability, cut some weight, and got sleeker look!
New Saddle Bag will be available by the end of June, stay tuned!

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